Private Schools Cluster

Phase I

A programme spread over a period of 20 months was launched on 30th October 2004 and was conducted applying the model for education excellence developed by CII-Institute of Quality (CII-IQ), Bangalore, based on a study of internationally recognized educational and management models. It was designed to improve the effectiveness and performance of heads and senior teachers of schools in Chennai, by applying the TQM concepts, suitably modified for education.

Twenty-four Chennai city schools from all streams of education joined in the initiative during the first phase.

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Phase II (Post assessment programme)

Ten schools were part of the post-assessment programme. The programme focused on process improvement in schools specifically in the fields of administration, resource management, knowledge management, staff recruitment, training and appraisal. It also adopted cluster approach along with training and awareness programmes and counselling visits.

School excellence clusters –Corporation Schools

The schools in these clusters are affiliated to Tamilnadu board but geographically located in Chennai city only. To make a difference in the State run schools, the trust initiated its
TQM programme with 9 schools managed by Corporation of Chennai on June 5, 2005, in Chennai.Some of the objectives set for these schools were:to develop stakeholder participation,
to encourage schools adopt holistic concept of education, to improve school performance and to help clustermember schools to achieve their objective with process approach.

Encouraged by the positive results of the first cluster two more clusters were initiated by the Trust on 29th of July 2006 and 25th of August 2008. The objectives of the training sessions are to help institutions understand and imbibe the concepts of quality and its applicability in the education sector.

Model School Programme on QCI Framework

As per the request of the Corporation of Chennai, the Initiative launched a programme on 17th November 2008 forproviding training Support for Chennai City Schools runby 
Corporation of Chennai for accreditation by Quality Council of India based on Quality School Governance Frame work. This accreditation standard aims at providing a framework for the effective management and delivery of a holistic education programme for overall development of students. It also encourages schools to pursue continualexcellence.

All the Corporation school programmes have been conducted on a free-of-cost basis by the Trust with training assistance from CII-IQ, Bangalore. Support from the Corporation Officials right from the very top helped in sustaining the programmes