Kuruvila Jacob Initiative for Promoting Excellence in School Education was launched on 3rd August 2004 on the birth centenary of Kuruvila Jacob – the Headmaster of Madras Christian College High School, Chennai from 1931 to 1962, and later of Hyderabad Public School, Hyderabad and Bombay Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai – by a substantial body of his students and alumni of Madras Christian College High School and is managed by the Kuruvila Jacob Memorial Educational Trust.
Kurvila Jacob embarked on his life’s work with a vision that education did not mean scholastic achievement alone, but all-round development of the student and strove for excellence in the true sense of the word.
The primary objectives of the Kuruvila Jacob Initiative are to

  • Act as a catalyst, aiding schools to adopt innovative methods and techniques in the learning process
  • Encourage schools to adopt a more holistic concept of education, strive for excellence in academics, and instill a strong value system and develop a well-rounded personality in the students
  • Encourage sharing of ‘best practices’ amongst the schools participating in the initiative
  • Enhance the satisfaction levels of all constituents and beneficiaries of the school education process
  • Obtain a significant improvement in the strategic and operational performance of schools
  • Support and/or conduct programmes/courses to develop leadership skills and qualities amongst the academic faculty
  •  Train the schools to learn and use TQM (Total Quality Management) methodologies and tools to attain the above
    The programmes of the Initiative are targeted at teachers and administrators of schools and there is no direct involvement with the students.