I can make a difference is a facilitated journey that enables teachers relook at their role afresh and helps them explore their experience and wisdom. It is an effort to help them move from the feeling of "I am just a teacher" to "I am a teacher", and not just say it, but say and feel it with pride. It culminates in the rediscovery of their mission and a renewed commitment to their purpose as professionals whose work makes a big difference and impacts future generations.

The seeds teachers sow when children are young helps them grow into huge trees that are totally unique. To sustain and grow the capacity of teachers to accomplish this mission, they need the opportunity to periodically regenerate their zeal and commitment. I can make a difference is a highly experiential program designed for middle and high school teachers. The methodology used in this program is a combination of workshops, action learning projects and follow-up discussions to help teachers reach deep into their experience, reflect on their journey and reinforce their personal and professional mission. This programme was launched in September 2014 and the Seventh batch is on. Strides Consulting Inc., Chennai is the resource partner for this programme. The Seventh batch is currently on.