With a view to moving on to new initiatives, in October 2011, after considerable deliberations and evaluation of suggestions from eminent educationists, the Kuruvila Jacob Initiative embarked on another project - 'A Class Apart'. This is a Skill development and Competency Enhancement Programme for pre-primary and primary class teachers who work in regular schools to identify and guide children with learning difficulties which include specific learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, emotional disturbances, autism spectrum, slow learning etc. This programme is designed to help teachers keep up-to-date with current thinking in pedagogy, to reinforce the teachers' confidence in their career choices and to make them more aware and knowledgeable about the nuances of early childhood education and become completely available to the children in the classroom.

KJI is partnered in this project with V- Excel Educational Trust,an NGO who has been in the field of Special Education for about a decade. This is a programme which is spread over an academic year with three sessions of three-day duration each comprising the theoretical and practical aspects of inclusive education. At the end of three sessions, the teacher is expected to have a better understanding of child development and of much of the underlying learning processes. The ultimate objective is to ensure inclusion of every child in the curriculum, to foster conviction, courage, and creativity in every child and to have a deeper and profound understanding of a teacher's role in a child's life.

This course is designed for Principals, heads, coordinators and teachers of primary and kindergarten schools across all boards. This programme is also highly subsidized by the 
Kuruvila Jacob Initiative. The Twelfth batch registration is currently on.